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F1-4 image nigel Hardy
"Trending" - to coin a phrase I am sure I have seen elsewhere, seems to be all things  Apple inc* iPhones*, iPads* and like all Empires, Microsoft* seems to be being  torn apart by Apple.
It is well known that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were at one time, close friends or at least friends with a similar vision.  Bill Gates was the software pioneer while Steve Jobs was more into hardware development.
Time moved on and some years after leaving Apple to  pursue other ventures - such as being a major shareholder in Pixar*, ( later purchased by Walt Disney Studios*) he was called back to - in effect to rescue Apple from sliding into bankruptcy.
Slowly but surely Apple Macs became more and more popular and more innovative in design and operation.  Microsoft’s  market share was being nibbled away slowly,  but  the Mac was seen more as a "nerds"  choice or more so, a professional tool in the publishing industry rather than a desktop.
Then came.. the iPhone.  Following behind the new trend for a cell phone with bells and whistles came ...the iPad.

Apple are currently in No 1 position in "tablets" and as canny as ever he was Steve Jobs cast his eyes on  what is probably the second biggest industry publishing. Moving his marketing strategies to include on online book store Steve Jobs was going up page16against established book shifters like Amazon, Barnes Noble et al.
So rather than battle.. he offered them an ( additional ) outlet - on his neweBookstore*.
Hindsight being what it is, I wonder if SJ did not regret not doing a similar deal with is biggest supplier and later biggest opponent , Samsung!  
Whatever the outcome in their individual high tech worlds... Steve Jobs took time out to open a door for established and budding kitchen table authors. Apple createdeBook Author which will produce either 100% text only books akin to the ePub offerings from the established internet book websites and at the same time giving a platform to those who want to make photo books o r in fact a book that will create a mix of text and images.

screenshot page16 eBook Which is where we are now!  The image above showing a barrel hopping 317 Nigel Hardy at the  old and now defunct Nelson Stadium, is a screen shot of an F1 Stockcars photo book. This and other similar books were available on AppleseBookStore until January 2013.
Now these and many other books are available on this website.

Copyright issues......

Apple* and Samsung* are  known to be locked into copyright  combat. Similarly,  I am known to control my images which are all copyright - blame those promoters in the 70's who  thought they had the right to any  stockcar photo they  came across to use in programmes etc to publicise there circuits on which THEY made profits.
Like wise some magazines which acquired stocks of printed photo donated freely by myself and other photographers to magazines such as Bev Greenhalghs "Stockcar Supporter".  My prints all have a copyright notice stamped on the back.
Use of my images for any purpose from 1976 onwards, without permission is a breach of copyright and is laible for fee's and interest plus recovery costs.  Be advised use of images uploaded to "Social Media" is a breach of copyright and will be notifoed to teh sites owners for removal or fee's.

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